14th wedding anniversary gift ideas for her

Celebrating Your Fourteenth Wedding Anniversary

What a good time to celebrate! You are secure, comfy with each other as well as after fourteen years you are still in love. Offer your companion the fourteenth anniversary to remember.

Cream Color Present Recommendations

Ivory can be a tricky group if you or your partner are worried concerning pet legal rights, given that real cream color comes from pets. You may take into consideration a browse through to a zoo or circus to commemorate the grandeur of the elephant or book an African safari to really see the elephants in the wild as an ivory-themed gift for the pet enthusiast.

If you wish to acquire an ivory present, there are options to animal ivory such as vegetable cream color (likewise called tagua nut) and also Mandarin ivory, which is artificially made. These 2 can give just as spectacular carvings as those from pet ivory. There are accessories as well as jewelry made from the artificial cream color on Etsy.

There is some lovely tagua nut fashion jewelry readily available on the online store of Native, along with a terrific hand-made cream color hummingbird proper for your wedding anniversary in the summer months. You can see the hummingbird right here.

There is an eco-friendly tagua nut ivory nut watch which would certainly make a terrific fourteenth wedding anniversary present on Pueblito.

Gold Precious Jewelry Gift Tips

Gold jewelry is always an appreciated present and there are great deals of gold fashion jewelry present options for both men and women. You can get white gold or yellow gold. You can obtain a gold watch, ring, armband locket or breastpin– the selections are countless. You can find lots of fantastic gold fashion jewelry options at regional jewelers or department stores.

If you want handcrafted jewelry, try some found at Etsy. For even more customized, designer-inspired handcrafts, try the gold fashion jewelry collection from Sarah Cornwell.
gold precious jewelry

Dahlia Gift Recommendations

The vibrant dahlia is the nationwide blossom of Mexico, it’s native home. The dahlia was not introduced right into Europe until the 19th century. The dahlia is stated to represent self-respect as well as sophistication. Each dahlia plant continues to bloom from July till the initial frost. You can find dahlias in a selection of colors including orange, salmon, bronze, apricot, yellow, crimson, scarlet, as well as lavender. Dahlia blooms also come in several ranges. There are also different petal types like dual, pointed or spiky, and also often rounded petals.

Dahlias are excellent in flower arrangements. They are vibrant as well as last for some time so they make a perfect present. Send out these blossoms to your partner’s office so she or he can bask in the envy of their associates, especially if it’s your wedding anniversary. You can get dahlia arrangements to be supplied by Teleflora.

You can also take into consideration the presence of fake flowers like silk dahlia plans as accents on your dining room table or entry hall. There are attractive silk dahlia stalks readily available on AFloral. You can additionally order some items like flower holders, planters, as well as other supplies from the internet site to make your own silk blossom arrangements to get a much more tailored touch.

Dahlias are a fave of photographers and painters because of their shade. Photos, as well as prints of dahlias, are an additional alternative for wedding anniversary gifts that last a lifetime.

Opal/Agate/Bloodstone Present Ideas


Opals range in shade from clear to white, grey, slate, olive, brown and also black. There are additionally some that come in tones of red, orange, yellow, environment-friendly, and blue. Opal was believed to bring good luck in old times. Recently though, it has been connected more with the superordinary.

Gemologica has a great choice of men’s opal rings that would be a terrific fourteenth-anniversary gift for the unique man in your life.

If you want to buy loose opal rocks as well as make a customized ring for your fourteenth wedding anniversary present, JTV has a big collection of opals to select from.


Agate is valued for its unique striped high quality. Layers of specific agate type rings or bands in the stone producing a unique pattern in each stone. Agate was very concerned in ancient times as an amulet or amulet which was believed to safeguard versus high temperatures and satiate thirst. Along with its healing power agate was regarded as a stone that boosted marriage and charming integrity.

In ancient times, agate bowls were accumulated by royalty supposedly for their healing powers. Today, agate bowls are popular with those who practice meditation. There are gorgeous moss agate prayer bowls in a number of sizes offered on Crystal Art which would make a great present for anybody as well as a unique anniversary present if your partner meditates.

If an agate ring is what you are looking for, try Overstock. There are numerous handcrafted, custom-cut as well as designed agate rings for both men and women on this site.

If you desire truly special agate gifts check out the Agate catalog from Mineral Miners. If your companion loves nature and also all-natural things, any of the presents on this web page will certainly be deeply appreciated.


Bloodstone is an eco-friendly jasper with flecks of iron oxide. According to tales, it was first created when declines of Christ’s blood fell on jasper at the foot of the cross. Ground bloodstone has actually always been believed to have healing powers, as well as is still marketed today as an aphrodisiac in India.

If your partner is into feng shui, she or he will certainly recognize the much deeper value of the attractive carved bloodstone elephant available on the Wicca Warehouse store.

If you are trying to find an inexpensive, attractive, and significant present for your fourteenth wedding anniversary gift, take into consideration stylish bloodstone pendants on New Moon Beginnings. There are likewise various other accessories readily available in the web site, in different sets and gemstones like blue shoelace agate.

Modern Theme for 14th Anniversary Presents: Gold Jewellery

Gold jewelry is sometimes provided as a modern-day gift for the 14th anniversary, with its message of riches, wellness, and also power.
Colour: Ivory
Gems: Opal
Replace Gems: Kunzite; Moss Agate; Gold; Cream color
Blossom: The dahlia is the floral icon of poise and also style, representing the long-term dedication of marital relationships.
In some cases, a gold or white rose is offered instead as an appropriate gift, in connection with the color and also modern gift themes associated with the 14th wedding celebration anniversary.

Traditional 14th Wedding Anniversary Present Concepts

– Ivory-based structure or presents *
– Elephant-theme presents (eg, art print or figurine).
– Make a contribution toward an elephant reserve.
Modern 14th Anniversary Gift Ideas.
– Pearl-White Eternity Rose (symbolizing the color ivory connected to the 14th wedding anniversary).
– A fresh bunch of dahlias.
– Gold-Dipped Endless time Rose (symbolizing the modern gold-jewelry present motif linked to the 14th anniversary).
– Flower-themed gifts consisting of the dahlia (for instance, aromatic candle lights, art print, perfume, plant).
– Gold jewelry (eg, necklace, ring, pendant, armband).
– Opal jewelry.
– Kunzite, moss agate, or cream color * jewelry as substitute gemstone choices linked to the 14th wedding anniversary.
* Ivory-based items are much less common as a result of endangerment of the elephant populations.

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