What to include on wedding website?

    What to Include on Your Wedding Website


Plunking down with your accomplice to make your wedding website is certainly an energizing minute. The entire wedding experience begins to feel genuine for both you and your visitors, and you can at last beginning your commencement until the enormous day. In any case, once you’ve picked a wedding website layout that you love – what precisely do you fill it with?

Your wedding website will turn into a go-to asset for your visitors to allude back to over and over before the huge day. You unquestionably need to guarantee that the entirety of the significant and down to earth subtleties are secured, while as yet making it one of a kind and personal to you and your accomplice.

In any case – you don’t have any desire to over-burden your visitors with pointless information, annoy anyone, or use it as a platform to post your whole photo collection from that time you all trekked Europe! There can be a barely recognizable difference between simply enough, and an excessive amount of.

So what precisely should your course of action be while making your wedding website? Peruse on for our top tips with regards to what to include, what not to include, and how to make it a personal (yet classy) reflection of your affection!

The Basics

First of all, the information that you ought to unquestionably include on your wedding website.

It’s a given that you have to cover the fundamentals; Who, What, Where and When. This is especially significant on the off chance that you have ruled against traditional invitations, and are depending on your wedding website as your first purpose of contact with your visitors.

Ensure Your Wedding Website Clearly Outlines:

Who’s getting hitched!

The wedding date and time

The wedding setting

The RSVP date

It may seem like an easy decision however with the fervor of wedding arranging, the most fundamental subtleties can in some cases be disregarded! Make certain to put these subtleties front and focus on the goal that your visitors can allude back to them effectively.

Once these fundamental subtleties have been secured, you would then be able to utilize your wedding website to expand on each point!

        Location, Location, Location

One detail you should expand on with your wedding website is the set location. Your wedding website can be a very accommodating tool to help visitors scope out precisely where they’re going.

This is especially helpful for settings that may be a little off the beaten track, or on the off chance that you have visitors landing from abroad or interstate who aren’t acquainted with the neighborhood.

Contingent upon your scene location, choose what will be the most supportive asset here for your visitors. In the event that your setting is in a rural zone, a virtual Google map pinpointed to your scene is a speedy and simple reference for your visitors to look at precisely where they have to go.

For scenes in an increasingly remote location, consider including a short composed description of the best directions to follow to go with the guide. All things considered, it will be the first run through at your wedding scene for most of your visitors, so indicating the best course to your setting will evade any late appearances!

Lastly – in case you’re arranging a destination wedding or have numerous abroad visitors, you should go top to bottom with this section. Make certain to include supportive assets like your prescribed picks for accommodation, nearby eateries, and activities around the zone. Don’t forget that your visitors are putting forth an enormous attempt to be there for you, so attempt and make it as simple as feasible for them to get sorted out!


Presently, your visitors don’t require an extensive run sheet for the day that frameworks everything from when your cosmetics craftsman is landing through to the planning of your first move. Yet, a harsh timetable of occasions can be an extraordinary thought to get everyone in agreement!

A decent general guideline with wedding websites is to basically cover any subtleties you’d prefer to abstain from replying via phone a million times. Foresee the questions that your visitors may have with respect to the coordination of your day, and utilize your wedding website to explain them.

For instance, let your visitors realize what’s going on after the ceremony and how the night will run. Do they have to advance toward a different location, or will you have celebratory beverages followed by a plunk down reception at a similar setting? Ensure you give the proper timings and locations for every part of your day, so visitors know about where they should be and when.

On the off chance that you have composed a transport or mentor to ship visitors to and from your ceremony and reception location, utilize your wedding website to convey this information too. Obviously diagram the gathering spot, the time the transport will leave, and the other way around for the arrival trip.

Ensure you likewise include any pertinent information in regards to parking spaces at the setting so your visitors are very much aware of where they can leave their vehicles without hindering your ceremony or reception get to. There’s nothing more awful than an MC going around attempting to find the proprietor of a twofold left vehicle part of the way as the night progressed!

Visitor Expectations

Don’t forget that your visitors will get ready for your wedding, too. Assist them with getting ready for the enormous day by laying out what they can expect as far as the feeling and style of your occasion. You should think about your wedding website as a tool to ensure your visitors have the greatest night conceivable!

The clothing regulation for the day is one flawless model. Regardless of whether you are hosting a dark tie issue or a patio shin-burrow, don’t leave your visitors feeling like the oddball with their decision of clothing. Utilize your wedding website to lay the right foundation for the day, and exhort if visitors should dress it up or keep it easygoing.

Make a note of any valuable goodies of information that you realize will improve your visitor’s understanding. For instance, in case you’re hosting an outside wedding and realize that the grass is especially delicate and spongy, giving the women a heads up so they can settle on wedges over stilettos. Or then again on the off chance that you realize that your scene is vulnerable to cooler breezes, let your visitors know to expect colder climate so they can come arranged with coats and coats.

Another model here is your nourishment administration. In the event that you have chosen to serve light canapes for the duration of the night, quickly mention this on your website so visitors don’t land with void stomachs anticipating a full supper. Tell visitors about the liquor situation, too – will it be a money bar or have you’re sorted out a tab? Helping your visitors feel arranged for the night ahead is something they will thank you for some other time!


Following your visitor numbers can be a tedious procedure so don’t forget to include an RSVP section on your wedding website! Concluding your list of attendees will be the initial step here, so ensure you have this explained before pushing ahead with your wedding website.

Most wedding websites will offer some sort of RSVP programming so visitors can confirm their participation in only a couple of simple snaps. Ensure your RSVP section is promptly open, and that your RSVP date has been expressed plainly.

Your RSVP section is the place you can likewise pose inquiries with respect to in addition to ones or dietary necessities. You can spare yourself a ton of problems later down the track by requesting these subtleties upfront! In case you’re fortunate, you may even score a wedding website platform (like here at WedSites!) that automatically sends suggestions to visitors, with the goal that you don’t need to pursue up past due RSVPs.

Precarious Topics

Let’s be honest, there are continually going to be a couple of uncomfortable minutes all through the wedding arranging process. Possibly you’ve chosen to have a youngster free wedding or an unplugged ceremony. The uplifting news is, your wedding website is the ideal space to convey these occasionally cumbersome issues in an increasingly unobtrusive and lovely manner.

In case you’re hosting a child-free occasion, a basic note like ‘deferentially this is a grown-up only occasion’ is firm however pleasant, and your visitors will value the notification ahead of time. You can even utilize your wedding website to suggest some neighborhood sitters in the region in the event that you need to go above and beyond!

Your blessing library is another detail you may have felt uncomfortable mentioning on your formal invitation or through verbal. A wedding website enables you to effectively insert a connection legitimately to your vault. Numerous individuals battle to pick the ideal present for an exceptional occasion so your visitors will most likely welcome this addition!

Unplugged ceremonies can be another topic that you may feel uncomfortable proposing with your visitors, however, a straightforward note on your wedding website can set them up ahead of time. You can get the message across in a cordial manner, by expressing that you’d love for your visitors to be completely present during your ceremony and to deferentially turn phones and cameras off, to enable your photographer to catch the occasion.

In the event that you need a touch of assist figuring with excursion word these precarious topics, look at this post for some wedding website wording models.

Personal Details

Also, since the coordinations are off the beaten path – here’s the enjoyment part! It’s an ideal opportunity to put your personal stamp on your wedding website and make it an amazing reflection of the glad couple (that is you, folks!).

You don’t have to go over the edge with a paper portraying your first date, however, a quick and painless little foundation story joined by a portion of your preferred pictures is an extremely decent approach to make your website increasingly personal. This is especially significant for visitors you may not know on a personal level yet, as inaccessible family members or your accomplice’s partners. It’s decent for your visitors to have the option to put appearances to names and gain proficiency with somewhat more about you both!

Adding your personal subtleties to your wedding website is something that you and your accomplice can truly have a ton of fun doing together. By the day’s end, your wedding website ought to be a real reflection of the both of you, and something you will think back on for years to come. You can each review a bio for one another with some enjoyment realities, or infuse a comical inclination with some inside jokes that you realize your visitors will appreciate.

You may likewise need to quickly present your marriage party, your folks, and your MC. Along these lines, your visitors will have some natural faces there on the day!

Remain Organized

Remember the above tips and your wedding website makes certain to turn into a pragmatic and significant asset for your visitors, and a route for them to partake in the fervor of your enormous day!

 Introduction and Thanks

The first page and ought to mirror the subject of a wedding and affection which you have. Start from a short introduction about the wedding and show the tanks for your visitors for being associated with an enormous day. Keep it light on the words and heavier on the photos (individuals will, in general, be far progressively visual).

About Us

Man carrying young lady on his shoulders

May appear to be redundant (dislike you’re welcoming strangers), however sharing your ‘How We Met’ story on your wedding website is as yet a

smart thought. It’s a neat way to acquaint the couple with the ‘in addition to ones’ or anyone who may only know the lady of the hour or the lucky man. Also, remember that your visitors are all originating from varying degrees of information on you two. On the off chance that they’re sufficiently special to go along with you for your wedding day, you’ll want them to have some idea of where everything began. Remembering some background for how you met, the proposal, the lady of the hour and the man of the hour will give your visitors a great way to connect to you two.


Locations to all the celebrations are excessively valuable to include. Beyond being useful to your visitors, it’ll prevent you from having to answer the same questions again and again to the groups of visitors who’ve misplaced their wedding welcomes.

Include the locations to the accompanying: Ceremony (scene, address, start time, directions) Cocktail Hour (scene, address, start time, directions if applicable) Not all cocktail hours are actually an hour long. Reception (scene, address, start time, end time, directions if applicable) Same lodging, however an alternate ballroom? Be explicit.


You don’t want to include your wedding libraries on your wedding welcomes, however placing the information on your wedding website is totally acceptable (not to mention accommodating). Your visitors will be pleased in the event that you implant a connect to your library to save them the legwork. Make an effort not to include too a lot of instruction with regards to blessings, yet giving the perfect amount of information is as yet necessary it will vary contingent upon your needs. Sample content:

“We are so very energized that you will go along with us this fall for our wedding day. As you may know, we have already established a dazzling home for ourselves and have all the things we’ll ever need to make a home. Your attendance to our special day is the greatest blessing we would ever want, yet for those that have shown enthusiasm for a blessing offering to celebrate the occasion a vault has been set up.”


Many wedding websites give an RSVP tracking tool. Use it. You’ll thank yourself later. (See: HOW TO (GENTLY) NUDGE YOUR GUESTS FOR RSVPs)

This tool will prove to be useful for the majority of your visitors. Regardless of whether a portion of the tech-illiterate visitors may, in any case, wind up messaging, calling or snail-mailing their RSVPs in, despite everything you’ll save yourself a great deal of time by including the option to RSVP online.

 Special Announcements

woman takes the microphone and shows something to you isolated on blue background want to have an unplugged wedding? Make sure to state this clearly (and pleasantly). Assuring your visitors that you’ll share your professional photos will help alleviate their photo-less anxieties! Giving a short explanation on how important this is to you two will really effectively express this idea and ideally give you the unplugged wedding you want.

This section can be utilized for any other special announcements you may have for your wedding.

 Inside Information

Remember to give information, not instruction. Ex. “The lake near the gazebo brings a virus breeze once the sun goes down, you may get a tad crisp without a light spread.” Anything strange. An entire hour ceremony with boho crossed leg seating only is something your visitors should think about ahead of time. Cash bar at the reception? It would suck to go to a wedding cash-less.

 Destination Weddings Or Out of Town Guests

In the event that the location of your wedding requires many of your visitors to fly in from away, giving enough information is vital.

A few ideas of what to include:

Hotel/lodging information Try to give a couple of options Getting around Does this area have great open transportation or is waiting for the transport a total nightmare? Would it be advisable for them to simply lease a car as soon as they find a good pace will the train be more than adequate? Is tenth avenue shut off for the seven day stretch of the wedding?

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